Z22 White portable charger led digital display 20000mAh Mobile Phone Dual USB Power Bank

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1. Android Huawei dual input USB dual output, simple design;

2. Up to 20000mAh; Ultra thin feel, easy to board the plane;

3. AC+PC flame-retardant material, with a hard shell that is resistant to falling and collision,

Anti slip brushed texture for a more comfortable feel;

4. Intelligent LED power display, more intuitive.

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Power bank is a very common product. Encyclopedia defines it as a portable charger that can be carried by individuals to store electric energy, mainly for charging consumer electronic products such as handheld mobile devices (such as wireless phones, laptops), especially in Where there is no external power supply.


How to charge the power bank?
First connect it to the special charging head of the power bank, connect one side to the power bank, and plug the other side into the USB port of the computer, then turn the switch on the power bank to IN.

How to check whether the power bank is fully charged?
There are four LED lights on the power bank. When charging, the LED light will flash. Depending on how much power is charged, the number of flashes of the four lights will increase. If all four lights are on, it is fully charged.

How to count the number of times the power bank charges the mobile phone?
For example, the mobile phone battery is 1200MAH, and the power bank has a capacity of 6000MAH. Can it be considered that 6000 divided by 1200 is equal to 5 times?
This algorithm is wrong, you cannot simply divide the battery capacity of the power bank by the battery capacity of the mobile phone. The capacity marked on all charging treasure products refers to the capacity of the internal lithium-ion battery, not the capacity that the charging treasure can discharge when charging the battery.

Are charging treasures harmful to mobile phones?
All power banks are precisely designed, using ATL polymer batteries and intelligent power management chips. The output voltage is constant, the current is stable, and it has an automatic protection device, which will never cause any damage to mobile phones and other equipment


Product specification

Model: Z22
color: White
Capacity: 20000mAh
Micro input: 5V-2.1A  Type-c input: 5V-2.1A
Total output: 5V-2.4A (12WMax)  USB output: 1/2 5V-2.1A
Product size: 68*140*28mm
Packing size: 182*96*40mm



1. Android LeEco dual-input USB dual-output, for the "simplification" of life
2. Full 10000mAh; ultra-thin feel, easy to board the plane;
3. AC+PC flame-retardant material, hard shell, drop-resistant and crash-resistant; non-slip brushed texture, more comfortable hand feeling
4. Intelligent LED light power display, more intuitive


Company information

Shenzhen IZNC Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading combination company with over 10 years of experience in the production and export of 3C mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen, China. They provide customers with wall chargers, car chargers, charging cables, wired earphones, TWS wireless earphones, power banks, and car phone holders. Quality control is their top priority, as they have made certifications for their products like CCC, FCC, CE, RoHS, UL, and KC. With a research and development team of 17 engineers and 126 employees, their factory is equipped with fully automatic wave soldering machines, surface mount machines, and more. Get your hands on this incredible Z01 White Thin and Light Portable 10000mAh Mobile Phone Dual USB Power Bank, and simplify your life.


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