TWS-15 sport in-ear true wireless bluetooth new headphone earbuds earphone

Short Description:

Model: TWS-15

Color: Blue/Red/Silver Horn: Diameter 13mm

Bluetooth version: 5.2

Bluetooth receiving distance: 10 meters (under standard environment)

Frequency range: 60HZ-20KHZ

Sensitivity: 106dB

Packing size: 180*125*45mm

Product size: 48*45*20mm (charging compartment)

27*15*13mm (headphone)

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Shenzhen IZNC Technology Co.,Ltd Our company mainly produces 3C products. It is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of mobile phone accessories. It has ten years of factory experience. The products included are mainly full-featured 3C accessories, including chargers, wireless chargers, data cables, charging treasures, wired headsets, sports Bluetooth headsets, TWS, car chargers and car bracket series, etc.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, people's work pressure is also increasing. It is difficult to find a spare time to listen to music. Even if you have time to relax for a while, traditional mobile phone headsets with wires can no longer meet the needs of the trend, but Bluetooth Headphones can meet everyone's needs.

The following is a brief introduction to this super cost-effective Bluetooth headset. The model of this headset is TWS-15. This Bluetooth headset has a super high value, we can see it through the picture.

The earphone is small and easy to carry. Open the cover and automatically connect to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. In a standard environment, the earphone and the connected machine are separated by 10M, and it can also be connected to the Bluetooth. In-ear noise building, dual MIC call noise reduction design, when riding, running, or in windy seasons, the whistling wind will greatly affect the quality of calls. The wind noise reduction duct based on the aerodynamic design can effectively reduce the wind noise of calls, and can automatically identify noise scenes, roaring stations, noisy offices, noisy streets, intelligently adapt to the noise reduction mode, and turn the world into a quiet world in seconds, transparent treble , Accurate in the ear, every note is in the ear accurately.

The left and right are the main earphones, which completely solve the cumbersome problem of switching between single and double ears in the industry. When using some of the main and auxiliary earphones, each ear can work independently. It has super long battery life, low power consumption and long battery life, saves time and electricity, can last for 90 days in standby mode, and can last for 4 hours when listening to music and talking.

Convenient control, the mobile phone is out of the hand, the control can not be out of the hand, no need to take out the mobile phone, all the control is at the fingertips, the script is sensitive to accurately identify the command, and the functions are all under control.

Super compatibility, basically all devices with Bluetooth can be connected. Compatible with most devices with Bluetooth function on the market, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. can be easily connected.


Since the birth of this bluetooth headset, it has been favored by the majority of young mobile phone users, and has captured the hearts of many people. I don’t know if it has captured your heart. It’s better to take action if you like it. Just buy it if you like it.


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