What is the Turbo fast charging? What’s the difference between Turbo fast charging and super fast charging?

At first,I’d like to ask,do you prefer iphone or android phone? Today I’d like to introduce a new fast charging technology: Turbo fast charging from Huawei.

What is the Turbo fast charging?

In general, Huawei Turbo charging technology is an efficient, fast and safe charging technology that can bring more convenient charging experience for users. By adopting higher voltage and current output, Turbo charging can fully charge the device in a short time, usually only needing 30 minutes to charge the battery to more than 50%. At the same time, it can also protect the battery and extend the battery life of the device, thereby providing users with a longer-lasting experience.

What’s the difference between Turbo fast charging and super fast charging?

The difference between turbo charging and super fast charging is different charging speed, different charging efficiency, different charging safety, different charging output and different price.
1. Different charging speeds
Turbo charging is much faster than super fast charging,and can be charged in a short time. After the power is less than 1% and enters the emergency mode. In the super charging mode, it is estimated that it will take 1 hour and 11 minutes to charge full. But when the super charging Turbo mode turn on, the estimated charging time is only 54 minutes.
2. The charging efficiency is different
Turbo charging is much more efficient than super fast charging ,and can convert electricity into electricity faster. According to the simulation test, the charging power  reached to 37w quickly and was maintained. The charging power dropped to 34w in the 7 minute later, and 37% of the power was charged in 10 minutes.
3. Different charging safety
Turbo charging is safer than super fast charging and can effectively prevent overcharging and overdischarging. Turbo charging uses the principle of current-limiting charging, which can limit the maximum current allowed by the battery during charging. Turbo charging can ensure that the battery will not be under excessive pressure during charging.
4. The charging output is different
Turbo fast charging is 9V2A, super fast charging is 5V4.5A, 4.5V5A, 10V4A, 5V8A, etc. The main features of Turbo charging technology are high power output and voltage regulation. Traditional chargers usually use 5V or 9V output voltage, while Turbo charger can output higher voltage, up to 22.5V. This allows the charger to deliver more current to the device, then make charging faster.

5. Different prices
Well Turbo charging is more expensive than super fast charging.

How does our Hongmeng system mobile phone perform Turbo charging? Here I will use Huawei MATE50PRO as an example.You need to prepare an original charger for a Huawei mobile phone, such as a Huawei original 66-watt charger. and also need  the original charging cable. Let’s plug in the power first. After plugged in, the phone will display a charging animation. press the center of the charging animation around 3 second to turn on the Turbo super fast charging mode. Then you will see that the turbo charging is turned on at the top, so the charging speed will be greatly improved. At the same time, we can also check the specific information of Turbo super fast charging in the phone manager. For example, the current state of accelerated charging, the temperature of the device may increase. According to verification, in the Turbo fast charging mode, the power from 1% to 50% or 60% only need 30 minutes, which can be said to be a very practical charging technology. At present, Turbo fast charging technology has been applied to many Huawei mobile phones which with the latest Hongmeng system version. If your mobile phone is a Huawei brand, you can try it.

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