What is the MFI certification process?

■Apply online (application platform: mfi.apple.com), register Apple member ID, and Apple will conduct the first round of screening based on the information. After the information is submitted, Apple will entrust the French evaluation company Coface to evaluate the applicant company (credit rating ), the evaluation cycle is 2-4 weeks, Coface provides the evaluation results to Apple for review, and the review cycle is 6-8 weeks, after the review, sign a cooperation contract with Apple and become a member of MFI.
■ To successfully pass the first hurdle, the enterprise must first meet the following conditions: have a relatively large production scale; have its own brand; the brand has a high status in the industry (mainly manifested in various honors); supply; the number of R&D personnel meets Apple’s requirements; accounting firms and law firms can issue proofs that the company’s operations are sufficient and standardized in all aspects, and applicants must ensure the authenticity of the declaration materials, because Apple will verify them one by one. , most of the supporting product manufacturers fell in the first hurdle.
■Product proofing. Apple MFI has strict management regulations. Every product produced for Apple must be declared to Apple during the research and development stage, otherwise it will not be recognized. Moreover, a product development plan must be approved by Apple, and there is no certain research and development plan. Strength is difficult to achieve. Before applying, the hardware manufacturer needs to first confirm whether it meets Apple’s relevant technical guidelines for its accessories, such as electrical characteristics, appearance design, and so on.

■Certification, in addition to Apple’s own certification system, companies are also required to obtain certification from organizations at all levels, covering quality, environmental protection, human rights, etc., and each application for a certification often takes a period of time, and the entire authorization cycle is therefore delayed long.
■It is predicted that before entering the production process, enterprises must first purchase the accessories required for production, and the manufacturer of specific accessories is designated by Apple; after the product is formed, the enterprise needs to purchase Apple products for compatibility testing (after obtaining Apple membership, you can Agent AVNET to Apple, Avnet purchase accessories, Lightning earphone wire control intelligent IC, etc.)
■For inspection, the product will be sent to the designated inspection points in Shenzhen and Beijing successively. After passing the inspection, it will be sent to the inspection department of Apple’s headquarters. After passing the test, you can obtain MFI certification

■Factory inspection: In the past, spot checks were used to operate, and many factories did not have this link

■Packaging certification: will more reflect the advantageous resources of MFI enterprises

Post time: Apr-13-2023